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About FCVA

Integrity and Independence are our guiding principles at Financial Counselors of Virginia, Inc. As a fee-only independent financial advisory firm, we offer our clients the best in unbiased personal advice. You always know that we are working solely for you and not for a brokerage firm or insurance company, whose interests at times may conflict with your needs. We have but one employer you!

Financial Counselors of Virginia, Inc. was established in 1985 to assist those individuals, families, trusts and small businesses whose circumstances make it worthwhile to employ professional financial planning, investment management, estate planning, income tax planning and preparation services. Does this describe some of your needs?

To drill a little deeper and discover more about FCVA, click on the following links:

Who We Are Brief biographies of the firm's members

What We Do Services offered by FCVA.

How We Do It Our Philosophy and Method of Operation.

Where We Are Photos of our location and surrounding area. Maps to our offices.

What We Say "White Papers" by FCVA.

To view our status with the State Corporation Commission or the Board of Standards for Certified Financial Planners, please click on the images below:




FCVA is expanding. We are looking to purchase / merge with an existing RIA that is truely independent from any outside influences or conflicts of interest. We have been offering real client-first, fee-only advice and service since 1985 and would like to offer that service to more folks. Contact us at to indicate your interest.
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355 Crawford Street
Suite 802
Portsmouth, VA 23704
757 399 7499
757 399 8376
757 447 3479 Fax

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Financial Counselors of VA is an independent Registered Investment Advisor based in Portsmouth, VA, providing
fee-only financial planning services and investment management advice to individuals and families since 1985.
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