Financial Planning

Financial planning is the important first step in this part of your financial journey. It is used to figure out exactly what you want to do and the most efficient ways to approach whatever that is. Only after you and we figure out the direction you need to go can we begin designing investment portfolios.

Financial Planning is the phrase we use to discuss everything having to do with your finances. Unfortunately, the term has acquired some negative connotations because of the "plan salesmen" who sell product-sales-oriented "plans by the pound" sending you home with a fat invoice and a 300-page document that is out of date before you read the first page and is usually never looked at again.

We believe financial planning is a never-ending process that cannot be captured in a document stored in a ring binder. We believe it consists of the questions that come up about financing the next car or the mortgage or planning for retirement or college funding or any of the myriad other financial questions that pop up daily.

There is merit to creating an initial "where you are now" document so we have an anchor - we know where you are starting. But that is only the beginning of true Financial Planning.

Financial Planning is an integral and continuing part of the service we offer our clients.