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  • Unbiased advice puts you first

At Financial Counselors of Virginia (FCVA), we provide financial planning and investment management services on a fee only basis. That means we work solely for our clients and receive no compensation from anyone else. As a result, we eliminate the conflicts of interest arising from the sale of investments and other financial products. The benefit to you is advice and portfolio management that is designed for you and tailored to your best interests. We help you develop and accomplish your own dreams.

As your investment advisor and wealth manager, FCVA is acutely aware that every dollar not spent on sales charges, commissions or excessive management fees is a dollar earned for you, our client. We know the cost of investing matters!

As an Independent Registered Investment Advisor (RIA), FCVA  and its Advisors are required by law to act in your best interests. Brokers have no such fiduciary responsibility.

  • Prudent, rational approach to your investments

As we design your investment portfolio, we aim for performance that is both reasonable and probable, not fantastic but only possible. If you are looking for a fast trader to help you make overnight riches, please do yourself and us a favor and call someone else. However, if you are searching for an independent investment advisor who approaches the science as a prudent professional, one who takes the fiduciary oath seriously and places your interests first, you are in the right place. You deserve to work with an independent fee only professional wealth manager who looks after you first. At FCVA, we do not attempt to outperform some arbitrary benchmark as proof of our worth, rather we strive to assure you have:

what you need when you need it.
  • FCVA's low-key approach makes you comfortable

As you should expect, your initial visit with us is without charge or expectation. We simply get to know each other and decide mutually whether to proceed. Once we have agreed to work together, we become your partner and guide on your financial journey but we always remember it is your journey and you are our employer. If this makes sense to you, call, write, e-mail or come see us. We can help.

  • Putting our collective experience to work for you today is easy.

Financial Counselors of Virginia (FCVA) is the oldest independently owned and continuously operated fee-only Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) in Hampton Roads and is headquartered in the center of Hampton Roads. We are easily accessed from Norfolk, Portsmouth, Chesapeake, Virginia Beach, Suffolk, Hampton and Newport News. Our offices are 25 minutes from Smithfield and less than an hour's drive from Williamsburg. We meet with our clients face-to-face, by telephone, via e-mail or through our unique client service web site. The choice is yours.

At FCVA, our clients are our focus. Through a unique medium, we provide a secure web site for each client where they can access information, post discussions, questions and answers, get copies of financial and personal documents and have access to the resources of FCVA whenever they want from wherever they are 24 hours a day from anywhere in the world!

  • Retirement Planning

In addition to helping you accumulate assets for retirement, we can help with planning your retirement income. You always thought that retirement planning was all about accumulating the dollars that would allow you to retire with confidence and security. Well, now that you are retired, taking an income from your accumulated capital requires careful planning, also. The products that may be required for that income stream are, as are all financial products, available through FCVA at a potentially lower cost to you because we do not accept (read that as you do not pay) commissions from anyone or any company.

  • Income Tax Planning and Preparation

We offer income tax planning and discounted income tax preparation services to our clients. Income tax planning planning in advance to pay as little as is legal is an on-going process. Having your tax return prepared in-house gives us an extra insight into how to save you tax dollars.

  • Estate Planning

Making sure your accumulated capital goes where you want it to go, requires thought and planning well in advance of the need. In addition to the obvious tax and other financial concerns that surround the end of life, we can help you make your survivors' jobs a bit easier by stating exactly what you want done so they do not have to make hard decisions. You will have already done that for them.

  • Education Funding

College planning for kids or grandchildren can be quite overwhelming. The cost of a four-year college degree can cost more than your house. If you want to help with the expense, you should plan well in advance and make sure your contributions do not interfere with any financial aid that may be available. We can help.

  • Mortgage Financing

Building a new house? Refinancing your mortgage? We can help you decide which offers make the most financial sense for you.

  • Buy vs. Lease

Should you buy or lease that next car? Which choice makes the most financial sense taking into consideration the cost and tax ramifications?

  • Corporation, S-Corp, LLC, Sole Prop

What is the best way to conduct your business? Why do you need to incorporate? Which allows you to take the best advantage of existing tax laws? Which can protect you and which cannot?

  • Diving into this site will help you learn about finances and investing

We're glad you came to visit. You will find this site interesting, enlightening and useful. You may even learn a little more about the  principals of FCVA, what we have to say and our other interests. Click on the Site Map for a quick overview.


You see that FCVA can help you with almost any financial question. We do not "know it all," but we do know where to find most information and we know who to call.

Most importantly, call us for a free initial consultation. No pressure, no obligation, just chat.


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