The Policy Portfolio

Policy Portfolio

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These are other words that can be used to describe what we refer to as a Policy Portfolio. Our Policy Portfolio is the starting point we use to guide us when we design clients' portfolios. Life is uncertain. We do not and cannot know the future, but we have to prepare to live in it. While we cannot predict the future, we do know about the past and can learn from it. Consequently, our Policy Portfolio is based firmly on what we know has already happened and what that implies for the future. This basic portfolio allocation has proved to have a very good balance between risk and return. However, we also realize that because the financial markets have behaved in certain ways for the past 150+ years does not mean they will behave similarly in the future. There are so many more types of investments today that did not exist even a few years ago that the entire investment palette has changed dramatically. We cannot continue to paint the same investment picture as in the past.

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