Other Services Available

  • Income Tax Planning and Preparation

We offer income tax planning and discounted income tax preparation services to our clients. Income tax planning — planning in advance to pay as little as is legal — is an on-going process. Having your tax return prepared in-house gives us an extra insight into how to save you tax dollars.

  • Estate Planning

Making sure your accumulated capital goes where you want it to go, requires thought and planning well in advance of the need. In addition to the obvious tax and other financial concerns that surround the end of life, we can help you make your survivors' jobs a bit easier by stating exactly what you want done so they do not have to make hard decisions. You will have already done that for them.

  • Education Funding

College planning for kids or grandchildren can be quite overwhelming. The cost of a four-year college degree can cost more than your house. If you want to help with the expense, you should plan well in advance and make sure your contributions do not interfere with any financial aid that may be available. We can help.

  • Mortgage Financing

Building a new house? Refinancing your mortgage? We can help you decide which offers make the most financial sense for you.

  • Buy vs. Lease

Should you buy or lease that next car? Which choice makes the most financial sense taking into consideration the cost and tax ramifications?

  • Corporation, S-Corp, LLC, Sole Prop

What is the best way to conduct your business? Why do you need to incorporate? Which allows you to take the best advantage of existing tax laws? Which can protect you and which cannot?